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“From JandM425 10/09/16

They run a fun party that works for both experienced and novice couples. The ice breaker game is a great idea and the venue is nice. Perfect for out of towner couples to have a fun night out

From Curious_Kitty665 04/10/16
" Mrs. Kitty and I recently attended a Swingers Circle party in Las Vegas. We had a great time and would recommend them to all of our friends. The hotel suite was excellent and very nicely set up. We enjoyed chatting with our host, G. The other couples attending were very sexy as well. We will definitely sign up for another Swingers Circle party when we are back in town!"

From Sundaymorning778 07/04/15

" If you want to go to a true swinger party in Vegas this is it ! Come on on a Thursday so you can start your weekend with a smile. The couple makes you feel welcome and are truly a class act. See you soon! Doreen”

From Love2playxxx 01/23/15

" WOW .... awesome Fucktastic parties ..... we just attended our second party with them last night and again it was super hot ..... the hosts are very nice and friendly and the set up and the theme is perfect for swingers .... the guests are always fun, sexy, hot and playful couples .... We make it a point to attend this Thursday Fucktastic party every time we come to Vegas ..... don't miss it ...... cheers, A & S "

From jizzwhiz 07/12/14

" Wow ! We can hardly say enough to express how terrific a party these folks host. Two very warm and engaging people that really work magic when it comes to making all feel comfortable and welcome. We highly recommend attending a swingerscircle event ! Everyone had a blast and hard to imagine that anyone wouldn't;) We will definitely be back as we loved the party and everything about Las Vegas ! A real highlight of our stay. A sincere thanks guys ! M&J

From TNFunTimes777 08/15/13

" WOW! We were in Vegas last week and went to this party and it was wonderful! What a great time! Everyone was so friendly and very playful. A great time and we will go back the next time we are in town for sure! Don't pass this up if you want some play time that is a sure thing!!

From MandMs131 07/20/13

" What a fun and great time!! We have gone twice and planning a third!! Very friendly and sexy hosts! It is always a hot time! Highly recommend all couples to check them out and BOOK IT now!!! M & M!! "

From nice4you 04/17/13

"We had such a great time at Thursday's party. What a great group of fun and hot people. We found the party to be welcoming and comfortable. We can't wait to party again whenever our luck takes us back to Vegas..."

From friends4life915 01/21/13

"we attended for the first time one of their parties this past weekend on thursday. being somewhat new to the scene it was fantastic. they really took their time and made the experience extremly enjoyable. we will definitely be attending again when we get back into LV. Thank you again for a really great time."

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From flkinkycpl4u 12/07/12

" We had the pleasure of attending a party put on by SwingersCircle during our last trip to Vegas. It was so much fun and they really know how to get a party started :). We hope to attend again on our next trip as well"

From firsttimeinsd 08/18/12

" WOW !!! G&H are fantastic hosts and even more fun when the lights are really turned low. We will be longtime friends and visitors after just our first visit. This couple knows how to entertain and get people in a relaxed, sensual, erotic mood. We are impressed by their sincerity, sense of humor and the fact that they are real people who really enjoy what they do. Thanks for a great evening ... enjoy the Listerine trick! "

From HOTLANTACPL1960 06/24/12

" We had a great time at the LVSC, it is a most interesting set up, very unique and fun concept. I highly recommend any cpl while in Vegas to set aside one night for some sexy fun! "

From jujibug 06/17/12

" Swingers Circle is something you surely want to attend while in Vegas! The atmosphere is very inviting and comfortable. We had such a great time we are planning our next Vegas trip around their party! Don't miss out on this if you are planning a trip to Vegas! Thank you both for such a wonderful evening!"

From NakedChocolateMint 06/09/12

" These two amazing and sexy people hosted one of the most incredible and unique lifestyle parties that we've ever attended, and our gratitude knows no bounds. As experienced swingers we felt immediately at ease, both with the clear direction of the event and with all the new friends we made. "

From newandthrilled 06/05/12

" These two are wonderful hosts. We have attended their parties and always have a great time. They make you feel as if you are an old friend. If you are looking for one of the most fun evenings of your life, Las Vegas with SwingersCircle is the way to do it."

From bobnlyn4fun 06/02/12

" If you are visiting Las Vegas and want to dip your toe in the water, this is the event for you. Host will put you at ease, you'll have alot of fun and you will learn alot about swinging. Best entertainment value in town."

From vegasfriend 05/30/12

" A great fun place to visit when on vacation"

From paintercouple 05/07/12

" G & Hsure know how to throw a party! Don't be shy or unsure, these parties are definitely worth your time... "

From AnGClpVegas 03/27/12

' We've enjoyed going to SwingersCircles parties! It's a nice opening, play a game, and getting to know the other couples! We're local to Vegas and are looking forward to going to the next party when we get the chance to get away!"

From Captainncrown 02/15/12

" What a great time swinging in Vegas! We felt at ease right away...the game is a great ice breaker! It is definitely a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere, where you take control of how much or how little you want to swing...would highly recommend the party for ANYONE in Vegas or close to it! Thanks for an amazing time! M & T "

A. You must arrive between 9-9:30pm during the Social Hour. It’s a good idea to arrive as close to 9pm as possible. After the Introduction and “Game” begins, we do not answer the door to late arrivals, sorry. 

FAQ"s Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Couples Are Usually At The Party?

A. Our Parties have an average of 7 to 12 couples max attending during the week and we don’t have a party if there are less than 5 couples attending.

Q. What Is The Party Really Like?

A. As discribed, the Party is a Classy Limited Venue of REALSwingers who wish to enjoy an Upscale, Hassel Free Swinging atmosphere in Vegas. Everyone understands why they are there and respects preferences. Not a $25 Swinger Club, filled with single men, loud music, and questionable play areas.

Q. What Are The Ages Of The Couples Attending?

A. The ages of the couples attending have ranged from 25 to 60 and to be quite frank it has never been an issue for those attending, for the younger or older couples a like.  

Q. Can We Pay At The Door Instead Of Online?

A. It is much easier for us to manage how many people are attending by having everyone register online. The parties sell out usually before that day because there is a limited amount of space. If we allowed payment at the door we wouldn’t know who was actually committed to attend. Don’t use a Credit Card, then we suggest you purchase a pre-paid card from your local drugstore to get tickets.

Q. How Do We Know Where The Party Is?

A. We hold the Party at one of the Major Hotels on/near the Vegas Strip every week, and will send you a text message or call you within a few hours of the party time letting you know the actual Hotel and Suite number, giving you plenty of time to comfortably arrive at 9pm. You must arrive before 9:30pm.

Q. Are Single Men Allowed?

A. No sorry we do not allow single men this Party. This is strictly a Couples/Single Ladies Party.

Q. When Should We Purchase Tickets To Attend The Party?

A. If you have a real interest in attending a party on a certain date, we suggest you purchase tickets now like you would with any other entertainment venue. Others have asked this question many times and have been disappointed for waiting, only to find the party was already full, closer to the date they wanted.

Q. Why Is The Guest List Private?

A. Our guest list is private for two reasons. We advertise the Party on 12 Websites. Attendee posts on one site does not reflect all sites.  Also from time to time celebrities attend, we ask you don’t ask for autographs and treat them like you would your neightbor that enjoys the lifestyle as well. That is one of the reasons they enjoy attending.

Q. What If There Are Others At The Party, We Don’t Have An Interest In?

A. This question is one of those knee-jerk questions, we have found, that comes from the experienced and the inexperienced swinger who is just not sure this type of open swinging fun is for them. We understand some in the lifestyle need to see who will be there first, have some type communication with them as well. If you require that type of comfort level and are not open to the excitement of just coming with an open mind we understand, but that is not this Party. Our answer is No means No and you are never required to play with anyone attending.

Q. Where Is Your Club?

A. SwingersCircle holds all events/parties at Hotels and Locations that fit the occasion. We do not have a brick and mortar location.

Q. What Happens If We Can’t Make The Party We Paid For? A. Your payment is always honored at any of our future events/parties.

There are no refunds. We may have said no to others, to save your place at the party.


A. Yes you may bring whatever refreshments you desire. Alcoholism, unruly behavior, will never be tolerated at our parties. Drink responsibly. Illegal drugs of any kind are NOT allowed. If you have a medical condition that allows you to use marijuana do not bring it with you.

Q. What Time Does The Party Start?

A. You must arrive between 9-9:30pm during the Social Hour. It’s a good idea to arrive as close to 9pm as possible. After the Introduction and “Game” begins, we do not answer the door to late arrivals, sorry.